Message from the President


Missionary James Hudson Taylor, from his youth to the grave, led his  life with one vision–bringing of the Gospel to the people of China.  Following his footsteps, Hudson Taylor University (HTU) establishes  itself as a higher education institution focused on world  evangelization. I am honored to take up the Hudson Taylor legacy as the  new president of HTU. 

 As I begin my tenure, the vision set for of our institution is to be  known as a powerhouse institution that is Christ-centered,  Bible-centered, and “bio-centric” (people-centered), bringing all people  from different walks of life the opportunity to practice and learn  missiology and transnational missions. Our curriculum, instruction, and  practice are theologically grounded with a missiological perspective and  fosters students to be leaders for the mission field. 

At HTU, you are not alone. As a community, we make this vision come  alive as each student, staff, and faculty member work towards pursuing  Godly wisdom and acting in righteousness, fairness, justice, and honesty  (Proverbs 1:3). Our institution offers you, our students, staff, and  faculty, a rich faith-based education through up-to-date scholarship and  best practices on the mission field. HTU is vibrant with a diverse  composition of student and faculty body; opportunities to engage with  churches, organizations, and ministries; and mission-minded theological  experts actively committed to serving and guiding students towards  success. 

If you are ready to be a change maker for Christ, we invite you to reach  out to us. We are excited to provide you with all the resources and  information you need, but foremost we want to share with you our vision  and invite you yo be a part of our community in Christ. 

Soli Deo Gloria!

Kwang Soon Lee, Ph.D.