The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree at Hudson Taylor University is a  foundational professional degree program for various forms of  ministries and missions. It aims to prepare those called to Bible  ministry with theological insights, spirituality, professional skills,  social responsibilities and exemplary leadership models that are  required of the intercultural and multi-religious ministry/mission  setting.


Graduates of HTU’s MDiv program will

  1. acquire a comprehensive understanding of the foundational disciplines of Christianity.
  2. focus on shaping a Christ-like character through the Bible.
  3. serve the church and the community of faith with Bible-based  principles of leadership and the right application of  Biblical/theological knowledge.
  4. participate in the expansion of the Kingdom of God through global evangelism and missions.


Students are required to complete 90 credit hours for this program.  The MDiv program can be completed in three years (six semesters) of  full-time study. It must be completed within six years of matriculation  into the program.

The curriculum of the Master of Divinity program provides a balanced  focus on traditional and interrelated disciplines (Biblical Studies,  Church History and Theology, Practical Theology and Christian Ministry,  Christian Education and Leadership, and Inter-Cultural Studies and  Missions). Thus MDiv students will receive broad preparation for and  comprehensive understanding of effective Christian ministry in a variety  of settings. Students seeking ordination are required to have an  established working relationship with the appropriate ecclesiastical  body in order to be certified as ministerial candidates, or they should  go through the process through the responsible governing bodies of their  denominations. They should also plan to meet ordination requirements as  well as service in chaplaincy programs (military, hospital, and others)  according to the policy of their denomination.

General standards for admission to the School of Divinity at Hudson  Taylor University may be found in the section of admission policies and  procedures in the Hudson Taylor catalog. To be admitted to the MDiv  program, students must meet the standards for a graduate program. As an  essential part of the admission process, an applicant must furnish a  letter of endorsement from a pastor of one’s home church. In addition,  the candidate must submit two additional letters of reference from  persons in a position to assess his or her qualifications for the MDiv  program. Applicants must also pass an exam on Bible content either  before admission or later by taking it again before graduation before  their graduation will be approved.

Ministry Formation practicum courses are designed for the student to  have an opportunity to hone ministry skills in his or her area of  specific interest and to build a ministerial leadership. Students are  required to complete three credits of Ministry Formation courses to  increase their self-awareness, skill sets, a life of leadership and  service, and competence based on a healthy theological self-identity.  See “Christian Service Program,” elsewhere in this Catalog for details.

MDiv students may elect to enroll in MA700 and write a thesis or to  complete a project as part of the MDiv General Elective program segment.  MA700 is a 3-credit-hour course, in which students select a topic in  consultation with their advisor and then compose a thesis or project,  which demonstrates skill in research, exposition, and interpretation.  The thesis or project presents the results of graduate-level research in  a publishable form. The thesis is presented in a traditional written  format, while the project may include non-written, performance, or other  nontraditional formats. Both thesis and project must demonstrate  graduate-level abilities to conduct research with skill in  investigation, assessment, and expression. Guidelines for MA700  Thesis/Project are available upon request. MDiv students are required to  enroll in PT701-PT703 Ministry Formation; in PT790 Senior Integrative  Seminar; and in Institutional 

Requirement (Chapel), as below:

  1. PT701-703 Ministry Formation (1 credit × 3 semester = 3 credits)

Students must serve in at least four of the ten approved ministry areas over the period of their entire enrollment.  

2.   PT790 Senior Integrative Seminar (3 credits)

Students must enroll in this course during the final semester of  their enrollment. This course includes the last part of the practical  ministry component. 

3.   IR501-IR506 Institutional Requirement (Chapel)

Students are required to attend chapel services once a week for the duration of their enrollment.

Complete details of program credit requirements, including suggested course sequencing, may be found in the Catalog.