HTU uses a standard 4-point grading system, like that used in most  other postsecondary institutions in the US. All courses are graded using  this scale. A student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) is the average of all  grades earned, based on the scale below. Certain courses are graded on a  Pass/Fail basis (e.g. Institutional Requirement courses); these courses  are not awarded academic credit.


Grading Scale

Grade points are determined on the basis of hours attempted according to the following scale:

A         (94-100)          4.0

A-        (90-93)                        3.7

B+        (87-89)                        3.3

B          (84-86)                        3.0

B-        (80-83)                        2.7

C+        (77-79)                        2.3

C          (74-76)                        2.0

C-        (70-73)                        1.7

D+       (67-69)                        1.3

D         (64-66)                        1.0

D-        (60-63)                        0.7

F          Less than 60   0


Academic Assessment System

Grade Symbols

A – work of excellent quality

B – work of commendable quality

C – work of acceptable quality

D – work of minimal but passing quality

F – failure to do minimal passing work; no credit given

Noncredit Grade Symbols

AU – Audit

I – Incomplete

NC – No Credit

TR – Transfer

WD – Withdrawn

P – Pass

In order to receive credit for a failed course, the student must  repeat the course if it is required for their program of study, but may  either repeat it or take different elective course if the failed course  is not required.