The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies program prepares students to  learn and embrace the message of the Bible, accurately interpret the  Scriptures, and integrate faith into the world. The BABS degree program  equips students with a relevant Christian worldview for positions of lay  leadership in church or in society or for a variety of Christian  ministries at home and abroad. The degree meets the needs of individuals  who wish to begin or to continue graduate theological education for  their personal or vocational enrichment.


Graduates of the BABS will be prepared to:

  1. acquire a general understanding of Biblical literature, Biblical history, Biblical interpretation, and Biblical theology.
  2. form a balanced Christian worldview that is deeply rooted in the  Bible and applicative to the intercultural and multi-religious world.
  3. apply a deeper understanding of key theological issues to a lifelong journey of spiritual growth and personal development.
  4. serve the local church and global community with servant leadership,  as epitomized in the life of Jesus Christ, thereby glorifying the  Triune God.

Program Requirements (120 Credits) 

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies degree program requires 120  semester hours for graduation. The curriculum includes 36 credit hours  of general education coursework, 60 credit hours of major core  coursework (consisting of 36 credits of Biblical/Theological studies and  24 credits of Practical/Professional studies), and 24 credits of  Elective & Concentrations. A full-time student following the course  sequencing provided will be able to complete the program in eight  semesters, or four years. Complete details of program credit  requirements, including suggested course sequencing, may be found in the  Catalog