Hudson Taylor student services include practical ministries, spiritual formation, chapel services, prayer meetings, various leadership opportunities, academic and personal mentoring, and library services. Additionally, Hudson Taylor University provides information about health insurance carriers, and the names and addresses of local clinics and hospitals. For spiritual needs, the chapel is open during regular school hours, and the university Chaplain has an open-door policy for students. Please contact the Dean of Students for more information regarding student services.


Mentoring of HTU students is taken seriously by all HTU faculty and administration. The faculty, many of whom are experienced and ordained pastors, are of course required to act as academic advisors to students, but even more important is the role they play in mentoring and guiding our students through their personal and spiritual lives and ministries, as well as through their academic careers. The faculty are dedicated to actively fostering the spiritual growth of HTU students, following the Mission Statement. Examples of student mentoring include

  • Supervising MDiv students in conducting chapel services.
  • Mentoring of students in the Christian Service Program, providing advice and guidance as students go out into the real world and begin practical ministry work. Students are also supervised and mentored in the field by the leaders of the churches and missions that they work in, all of whom have been approved by the faculty.
  • HTU President Dr. Kwang Soon Lee, and expert in intercultural mission work, leads students into actual fieldwork, and mentors, supervises, and advises students
  • HTU Dean of Academics, Dr. Hyunjin Chun has a great deal of experience in  cultural adjustment, and mentors students who are having difficulty adjusting to the cultures in which they minister
  • Intercultural Competence Assessments of students, to develop their cross-cultural awareness.



The administration and faculty strongly believe in the contribution and vital role of chapel and its ministry of encouragement, worship, and fellowship. Prayer needs, campus announcements, and items of general interest are shared during this community time of rest, relief, and renewal. The Chapel is open during regular business hours, and students and staff may use it for silent prayer or personal reflection when it is not otherwise in use. Of course, the Chapel is mainly a center of worship, but it is also the center of many HTU activities. It is the auditorium for graduation ceremonies and student orientation, HTU staff meetings are held there, and so on. Hudson Taylor Ministries’ weekly chapel services are open to faculty, staff, and students. Family members and visitors are also welcome. Service times are Monday and Tuesday at 11:35am, and Sunday at 11:00am.

Chapel Attendance Requirement

All Hudson Taylor University students (full-time or part-time) are required to attend weekly chapel services during the semester, as part of the Christian Service Program element of the HTU curriculum. Failure to attend and report attendance is considered to be a violation of the chapel attendance policy. Repeated violations will result in a warning letter from the Dean of Students that will be placed in the student’s file.


Student Government Association

All students are eligible for membership in the Student Government Association (SGA) of Hudson Taylor University. SGA is responsible for matters of general student concern. The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer of SGA are elected through a general campus election. Under the supervision of the Office of the Dean of Students, SGA coordinates the interactions between campus organizations, the student body, the faculty, and the administration; and gives students a voice in institutional decision-making.

Student Lounge and Recreation

A student lounge is provided which has ample seating, and a refrigerator and microwave ovens for student relaxation, study, and fellowship. HTU provides complimentary coffee for students each day. HTU encourages students to gather for fellowship, prayer, and studying and academic support. The student lounge has wireless internet access throughout, and many tables and chairs so that students can gather in groups or work or relax alone.