Hudson Taylor University shall strive to glorify and love God in all its endeavors. As a biblical higher education institution, it shall educate its students to serve Christ and fellow humankind toward the establishment of His Kingdom. It shall equip those called to His service with the most relevant, culturally diverse, and up-to-date scholarship in biblical and mission studies. Hudson Taylor University shall foster the development of leaders who will bring the Gospel to the far corners to the world.


Foster development of Christian leaders who will deliver the Gospel of Christ throughout the world as ministers and missionaries.

Provide unsurpassed Christ-centered learning experience led by world-class faculty and enhanced by culturally diverse student body.

Network, partner with and engage churches, citizens and institutions which are local or global to cooperate in the building of His Kingdom.

Become a model for an efficiently managed and financially ethical Christ-centered University where students grow to love and serve God, fellow men and women in furtherance of His Kingdom.

HTU Org Chart Nov. 2018