Hudson Taylor’s Story

Hudson Taylor University was founded in 2013, inspired by its namesake and the preeminent missionary to China, James Hudson Taylor. Hudson Taylor was born in 1832, and in 1853 he took his first trip to China. He founded the China Inland Mission in England, responsible for training more than 800 missionaries and for the establishment of 125 schools in China. His mission was ground-breaking in its embrace of all Protestant denominations and worthy of emulation in its respect of Chinese culture and customs Hudson Taylor was adamant that his missionaries should “fit in” as much as possible – while in China, he always wore Chinese clothes and spoke the language of the people. Hudson Taylor University is a faithful manifestation of God’s calling to bring the Gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). We are profoundly inspired by Hudson Taylor’s lifelong dedication to missions in China and by his cultural sensitivity. We therefore seek to educate those who are called to carry on the missional work inaugurated by him wherever they are called to serve.