Message from the President

I extend my warmest welcome to all visiting our Hudson Taylor University website.

Hudson Taylor University is a faithful manifestation of God’s calling. We are committed to educating ministers and missionaries to carry the Gospel of Jesus to the far ends of the earth as well as tending to those around us (Acts 1:8). We are a young and fast growing learning institution embracing diversity of cultures, nationalities and various denominational points of view. Here at Hudson Taylor we believe that kindling in the minds of our students profound and unalloyed love of God, humankind and our environment is just as or even more important than teaching tangible skills in ministry and knowledge of the Bible. We want to inspire our students to be compassionate global leaders and intrepid trailblazers as missionaries.

Hudson Taylor University pledges all its effort to bringing the most up-to-date scholarship, culturally relevant experience and practical expertise about the world affairs to our classrooms.

I am truly honored to be part of the community of faculty members, administrators and students who together represent a close-knit kinship at Hudson Taylor. Please consider each one of us as a resource for higher learning, a companion in ministry and missions, and lifetime brother and sister in Christ.

In His Grace,

Richard Yoon, J.D.
Founder/ President